Windfall Game Survey

March 2, 2020

The Windfall Game Survey was Conducted by Hotspex on Behalf of Brad Mills & Xsquared Ventures.

It was conducted in February 2020, answers given by American adults.

We in the space have certain general assumptions about the way people think about Bitcoin. Are women actually less interested in Bitcoin than men? Are Boomers a lost cause? Since Gen Z are digitally native, are they more interested in Bitcoin than Millennials or Gen X? Do wealthy people know more about Bitcoin since they are investment-minded?

If we want to understand how to position Bitcoin for wider adoption, we need to understand how different demographics respond to Bitcoin education.


Windfall Game survey Results

To that end, I recently commissioned Hotspex, a top market research firm, to run a survey with the aim of better understanding how the different demographics & generations think about Bitcoin.


(Click on the Graphic Below To Download the Survey Results in PDF)

Windfall Game 2020 Bitcoin Survey Results


My hope is that the survey results will help Bitcoiners, companies & evangelists craft more effective education & relevant messaging based on demographics to more positively affect mass adoption.